If you are bored with your 9-5 office job, think about changing your trajectory. How about taking Skydiving professionally. Skydivers must first earn their A license 

Skydivers must first earn their A license. The minimum jump requirement to achieving a skydiving license is 25 jumps. This can be via either a TDS (tandem direct supervision) or (accelerated free fall course).

Skydiving certification courses involve a day of ground school. You then progress through a series of instructed jumps, known as levels, skydiving solo but accompanied by an instructor in free fall.

After your levels, you continue skydiving solo to accumulate 25 jumps for your A licence. During these jumps, you prove a range of skydiving safety skills to complete you A licence proficiency card. An instructor or coach teaches you these skills.

Once you have your A licence, and you are free to fun jump with other skydivers! Whilst you're at it, you are working on ticking off the requirements for your B, C and D licences.

You've outlaid a lot of moolah to get to this point, but the good news is you can start earning from the sport now.



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